At Sarthak ,We make constant effort to ensure that Quality goes hand in hand with technology.

- To build Quality at each and every level.
- Our Quality control laboratory have the latest high precision equipment that build Quality at every Stage of processing including Inputs we have a dedicated tool of talent who consistently ensure that the highest Quality and safety standards are built into our products.
- We have structured Quality management system (QMS) to ensure quality at its best. Total Quality management is committed to customer satisfaction through an integrated system of tools, techniques and training resulting in high Quality products and services. Quality management system is dedicated for the development of process, manufacturing with strict Quality check and distribution of products to guarantee safety, efficacy and compliance of clients demands and different regulatory authorities.

- We have Comprehensive Quality policies and procedures, Competent, enthusiastic and dedicated staff with fully Computerized controlled system. Our Quality control team ensures the delivery of high standard products by conducting step by step review.

We remain committed to the highest level of Quality

Continual monitoring is carried by dedicated Quality assurance and self inspection team. Our dedicated Quality assurance team provides the necessary resources, technical guidance and training to ensure Quality operation.
It regularly upgrades skills and competence levels in various functions by introducing Advance System of working.
We maintain world-class Quality for our products across domestic and overseas markets.
Using the finest Manufacturing facilities