contract manufacturing

Sarthak is diversified into contract manufacturing operation with its manufacturing facilities located in Karnal. The company is emerging as one of the leading Contact Manufacturing Outsourcing unit in India.

Conntract Manufacturing is an excellent way to bring your product to market quickly and efficiently. Whether you are looking to modify an existing product, add a new product to your portfolio, or increase current manufacturing capacity, the Sarthak Biotech team is prepared with critical resources including people, facilities and equipment. With Sarthak Biotech, you will find expert solutions in product development, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution.

This gives the company a unique advantage in attracting a range of client partners from around the globe. We are focused on our drive to expand the business and take on new markets .

Products Manufactured & Marketed By Sarthak Biotech include : a range of analgesics, antacids, antifungal / antimicrobials, anti-inflammatory, cough and cold liquids, infant care products, nasal drops, medicated shampoos, veterinary products and wound care products.



Why choose Sarthak as your outsourcing partner ?

Because we differentiate your molecule with the dedicated project teams of Qualified Expertise who truly understand the importance and value of your project and create transparency and access to the complex process of bringing the molecule to market by providing.
Bottom-Line Results Streamline costs
Optimize yields Reliable Supply for our team its More than a process, it’s a promise delivered.
Dedicated continuous improvement  
  • From quality-driven processes to proven problem-solving strategies, we focus on maximizing your cost efficiency and delivering solutions for improved Asp and market share and accelerated potential for growth. From maintaining a reliable supply of quality products to getting the most out of API, we invite you learn how our knowledge, resources and value can deliver the results you need.


Using the finest Manufacturing facilities